Casual work – the best way to get extra money

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Casual work is one of the best methods for increasing savings, increasing your salary and methodically putting aside money. It’s easier said, harder to do. Even if we have a sincere desire and enthusiasm for occasional work, sometimes it is difficult to find conditions to earn more. If efficiency bonuses are used in our work or the employer allows overtime for which we receive remuneration – the way to get extra money is clear. We work more and more intensively. What else? We suggest the best solutions for finding occasional work.

Constant work, constant salary

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For one person, permanent work is a dream come true. However, often this permanent job also means a fixed salary. What if we feel that we could earn more, we even want to work overtime, but the employer does not allow it? Eight hours, five times a week, unchanged. Sometimes there will be a bonus, but it’s hard to earn more. Someone will say – you are dissatisfied, then change your job. Or maybe we are just so satisfied with our profession and workplace that we do not want changes.

We live nearby, our whole life is relatively stable. It is difficult then to decide on a radical step, for which we will undoubtedly consider a change of employer. And if we like what we do every day in the company, the more difficult it is to make decisions about changes. It doesn’t hurt to talk to your immediate supervisor and ask for additional work. It is worth presenting your arguments that a company can profit if the employee stays after hours and performs his duties from time to time. If the employer refuses, it is worth having other ideas, this time for occasional work.

The best odd jobs

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As the name suggests, occasional work is characterized by lower time expenditure, is performed on an ad hoc basis, and is not continuous. Therefore, if we just want to earn some extra money, we should look for such works that allow employment for a work contract or a mandate contract. There are many ideas for occasional work. If we have enthusiasm and willingness to work, fifty percent of the plan is behind us. The hardest to start.

Casual work – where to look?

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It all depends on the nature of the occasional work that we intend to do. If it is office work, physical work, requiring travel to a given place where the company is located, the workplace, it is best to look for companies located in the area of ​​our residence. Let’s take some time to do research. Let’s check using Goole Maps which companies are located in our vicinity. It may turn out that we will leave the house for a short walk and after a while we will reach the headquarters of the company, which will gladly accept a person on a part-time or contract basis. Maybe they just lack employees for the weekends, and you meet their requirements and want to work more?

The second way to look for occasional work is to look at websites that gather job offers. We can filter search results by location and also the nature of the work. It seems, however, that finding occasional work may be easier if we use less known local websites where employers place job offers. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the usual notice boards located in your town. Often, this is where people looking for temporary employees place their ads.

What odd jobs to do?

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It is difficult to clearly indicate which particular odd jobs are worth doing. It all depends on our expectations and skills. We can earn extra money by distributing leaflets, helping with mass events or fruit collections or various jobs. Our advice is – look for occasional work related to your own interests. Then there will be a greater chance that the extra work done in real time, which we could spend on rest, will not get tired of us, on the contrary – maybe even in addition to money it will bring a lot of satisfaction.

Any examples? If we are interested in sport, say football, nothing prevents us from trying our hand at being a football referee. This is an ideal proposition for people who want to work casual. Matches are played mainly on weekends. Of course, we will first have to pass the appropriate courses, but if we have a passion for sport, it is an interesting idea for additional work. Especially that we are talking here not only about professional league games. With the development of the Orliks, more and more semi-professional leagues appear, whose play also requires the work of a referee. We have only given an example that we hope will become an inspiration for action.

work at home

work at home

Maybe we prefer to do work that does not require leaving home? In this case, it is worth looking around for typically Internet work. Many companies pay for completing surveys, writing texts or writing product reviews. The more demanding professions include: copywriting, graphic designer, programmer, photographer, translator. If we only have the competence to perform any of these professions, there is nothing to prevent us from starting additional work in the indicated industries.