Loan and BIK Do I have a chance for a loan? Creditworthiness

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When we think about borrowing money, most people come to mind primarily banks. Even if we are talking about people who are laymen in the field of financial products, lending money is associated with a bank. And this is not surprising. We often even talk about all loans – loans, and about borrowers – banks.

However, when the moment comes that we want to obtain money in the form of credit, it often turns out that this is not possible in a bank. Apart from a number of other criteria that we must meet in the form of creditworthiness, we still have one more condition, namely a positive history in BIK. These fortifications effectively narrow the group of people who can become customers of banks. However, from the beginning.


What is BIK

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BIK or Credit Information Bureau. This is where you take out a loan, loan or, more recently, payday loans. From here, financial institutions obtain information on whether we have repaid all our previous liabilities. What’s more, they will also find out here whether we did it on time, in accordance with the agreed repayment schedule. Of course, if we have overdue debts on our account, we have no chance for a loan. Since we are not repaying other liabilities, this is a clear signal for the bank to refuse to grant a loan. However, that is not all. It also means that even if, as a consequence, we repaid all our debt, but did it after the due date, the bank will not grant us a loan anyway.


Loan and BIK

Loan and BIK

The situation is different in the case of non-bank loans. Institutions that provide them are not required to verify their clients in BIK. The loan company, of course, with our consent, may take the information contained therein, but it does not have to take it into account when issuing a decision. Hence the numerous advertising slogans that flood us with information about loans without BIK.

Therefore, a loan without BIK does not necessarily mean that the loan institution will not check our history. However, when issuing a loan decision, it will not be based solely on the information contained therein. Thanks to this, people who in the recent past had problems with financial liquidity or those who happened to be late with repayment installments (who definitely have no chance of a loan in a bank) have a chance. Therefore, the group of potential clients of loan companies is much broader than the group of people who have a chance to get a loan from a bank.